2024 Conference Highlights - PADIC Project Poster Presentation a Success

TALLINN, ESTONIA – The prestigious 2024 conference, which took place on January 24-25, emerged as a pivotal gathering for international security experts, defence force representatives, and technology researchers. It brought to the forefront the escalating challenges that small states face in the field of military technologies.

This year’s event, centered on ‘Military Technologies: Challenges for Small States,’ was hosted at the TalTech Conference Centre. The conference was inaugurated by Mr. Alar Karis, President of the Republic of Estonia. The keynote speaker, General (ret) Jörg Vollmer from Fraunhofer FKIE, delivered an enlightening speech on the evolving landscape of military technology and the strategic role of AI in future conflicts.


In the Poster Presentation session, the PADIC (Passive Acquisition by Digital Convergence) project, showcased by Tanel Järvet, garnered significant attention. The project’s innovative approach in the realm of digital convergence piqued considerable interest among attendees, highlighting the project’s potential in advancing military technology.


Throughout the conference, there were in-depth discussions about the strategic importance of AI in warfare, the hurdles in the development of military AI technology, and the adoption of advanced electronic warfare technologies to enhance survivability on the battlefield. Additionally, the significance of establishing new strategic partnerships and cooperation models to bolster small defence industries was underscored.


As the curtains fell on 2024, the attendees departed with an enriched understanding of the intricate cognitive demands of modern warfare, as well as the imperative for swift adaptation and efficacious response to emerging threats. The PADIC project’s input into these conversations has identified it as a key influencer in the sphere of military technology development.

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The European Defence Industrial Development Program project “Passive Acquisition by Digital Convergence” (PADIC) will develop a coastal radar network system with an open architecture, connecting passive, digital sensors of different types. Passive radars use reflections from signals from TV and radio stations, mobile network base stations and added transmitters to detect objects on land, at sea and in the air. PADIC will study, design, prototype and test a coastal radar network system in response to emerging threats by further developing state-of-the-art sensors that are spectrally non-congesting during peacetime and sustainable and immune against attack attempts during conflicts. The project will make use of low-cost and commercially available technologies and components.


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