PADIC General Assembly Meeting #2

The PADIC Consortium General Assembly Meeting #2 took place in Tallinn, Estonia, on June 8-9, 2022. The PADIC project physical meeting in Tallinn was full of intensive work. We discussed and approved the initial Concept of the PADIC System. At the same time, we also had the opportunity to brainstorm on different technical topics.


We worked with the PADIC System requirements and reviewed an overview of the PADIC System Scenarios and the CONOPS Report, which was prepared in close cooperation with PADIC partners Saab, Patria, CAFA Tech and Rantelon. The quality of the documents was based on close co-operation with the Estonian, Finnish and Swedish Defence Forces and their valuable feedback. The Concept and System Requirements documents are the foundation on which we will build the PADIC System.

Although only 6 months have passed since the beginning of the project, we have already taken the first field measurements and got acquainted with the locations of various tests on the Estonian coast.


We used a Spectrum Analyser to measure the signal strengths of various TV and radio stations. Passive radars use reflections from commercial TV and radio stations. Therefore, it is important to know how strong the signals are in different radio spectrum. We also used a drone to conduct a more detailed assessment of the areas.


It was really helpful that representatives of the Estonian Navy and Air Force and the Swedish FMV participated. Their feedback helped us a lot to define System Requirements.

Project Coordinator Thomas Lindgren, Saab, stated the Tallinn meeting to be very successful, with much appreciated involvement from representatives of our Member States. It is always very good to meet F2F, to keep up the relations and welcome new colleagues to the project. The outcome from this meeting has taken us as project a good step further with a preliminary technical description of the PADIC System Requirements, and site visit of the suggested demo site, helping out in the planning for the future demonstration. Thank you very much Rantelon and CAFA Tech team for great hosting and weather.

Jari Kärkelä, from Patria, found the two-day visit to Tallinn to be very productive. The spirit of the meeting was excellent, and it has been a pleasure to work with such a cooperating team. He also thanked the Estonian colleagues for arrangements and hosting the meeting.


Karl Taklaja, CEO of Rantelon, stated that hard work in the last few months has ensured that we stand on common ground regarding the expected capabilities of the PADIC System.


Tanel Järvet, from CAFA Tech, pointed out that the most modern technologies are represented now in the PADIC System Concept. These technologies help to fill the gaps in existing systems.