PADIC General Assembly Meeting #1

The PADIC Consortium General Assembly Meeting #1 took place in Tampere, Finland, on March 9-10. The meeting was physically attended by all partners on site: Saab, Patria, Rantelon, CAFA Tech. The meeting was hosted by Patria.

The first Deliverables were produced in the PADIC project, the review of which was one of the items on the agenda. During the meeting, the first iteration of the PADIC System User Requirements and the PADIC CONOPS were reviewed.

March 9 was already 2 weeks after the start of the war in Ukraine. The initial lessons of the Ukrainian war in the field of air and coastal surveillance and defence radars were an important input in the development of the PADIC Scenarios.
The 2nd day of the plenary session was dedicated to a detailed technical discussion of the overarching PADIC System architecture.

We had a friendly and professional discussion, where several experts took a whiteboard marker and added elements to a large drawing of the PADIC System architecture.
Most importantly, we got a common understanding of what the expectations are for the PADIC System by 2024, when the final demo of the PADIC System will take place.