PADIC General Assembly Meeting #3 October 11-12, 2022, Järfälla

The PADIC Consortium General Assembly Meeting #3 took place in Järfälla, Sweden. At the meeting, the PADIC System concept and – architecture was further developed and agreed upon. This gave the basis to continue the second day of the meeting with the discussion of the high level PADIC System Integration Plan. We also started the initial brainstorming of PADIC System Demo plan (demo will be in 2024). Practical topics engaged all partners in active discussions, and there was momentum and enthusiasm on both days. In conclusion, it was a very constructive meeting to start the activities of the second phase in the PADIC project, i.e. Design and Prototyping.

Project Coordinator Thomas Lindgren, Saab, stated: 
Saab was once again delighted to have the opportunity to invite partners and host a general assembly meeting at the Saab premises in Järfälla, Stockholm, Sweden. The meeting started the discussion and guided the work that will take us to a fully integrated PADIC system, demonstrated in 2024. It also gave the perspective how far and much great work that has been accomplished in less than a year, among and together with partners in the PADIC Consortium.


Jari Kärkelä, from Patria, found the spirit of the Meeting, open discussion between the Consortium partners and the joint contribution to the System design and planning very fruitful again. The test and integration planning got a good start during the Meeting, and the results of the excellent co-operation of the Consortium was already seen in the status of the current studies and reports. It was also pleasant to see the participating Member States’ and EU Commission’s interest to participate and join us in Järfälla. 

Roland Savipõld, from Rantelon, stated that:
These face-to-face meetings create a sense of urgency that is incomparable to discussions and debates held online. By adding a hint of passion and pride to our constructive topics, we were able to produce a bit of beneficial friction, which helped us stay on track when sorting out the final details for some fundamental documents. I believe our hard work will be greeted by excellent results by the end of 2024.


Tanel Järvet, from CAFA Tech, pointed out that the PADIC System architecture incorporates the most modern sensors and software, including AI, which is currently being developed in the field of passive radars. He thanked the Saab colleagues for the excellent hospitality – we learned to appreciate how great Swedish Fika is.

The European Defence Industrial Development Program project “Passive Acquisition by Digital Convergence” (PADIC) will develop a coastal radar network system with an open architecture, connecting passive, digital sensors of different types. Passive radars use reflections from signals from TV and radio stations, mobile network base stations and added transmitters to detect objects on land, at sea and in the air. PADIC will study, design, prototype and test a coastal radar network system in response to emerging threats by further developing state-of-the-art sensors that are spectrally non-congesting during peacetime and sustainable and immune against attack attempts during conflicts. The project will make use of low-cost and commercially available technologies and components.


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